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Entry #1

Snailiad 100% plus all Helix Shells

2011-07-05 12:00:27 by TehLoneWolf

Here is a map that a fellow newgrounds user(Grizlow) posted i edited it with quick paint colours for all the Helix shell locations:

Snailiad 100% plus all Helix Shells


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2011-07-07 10:53:03

Thanks man, this helped tons.

TehLoneWolf responds:

No problem i struggled too, i thought why not help ^-^


2011-12-26 09:27:33

Dangit I can't reach the helix fragment at the top of the where you first start at in Mare carelia


2011-12-26 09:30:11

I had a 100% everything once, but I forgot where everything was when I restarted(AKA lost all my data of the game)


2012-12-23 16:33:20

How, exactly do you get the last Helix Fragment? I got to the area with this snail guy that says "Walleyes can't hurt you , Snaily!" , but I can't get Fragment 30, because of some randomness.